ELT Management Courses

ELT management courses are gaining more popularity. There are several certificate and diploma level qualifications out there if you are not planning to do an academic university course. Among all these courses, the following seem to be at the top of the list:

managment wordle

  • Cambridge Delta Module 3 (the ELTM option)

Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching can be taken in three separate modules. The first module is the written examination, the second is the practical teaching component and the third one is your specialism. For the third module, you have the option to chose between a ‘teaching’ option and a ‘management’ option. If you decide to do the ELTM option, you will have to write a 4000-4500 word essay on a chosen management specialism. Preparation courses are on offer from some Cambridge Delta course providers for the Management option.

More information on modular Delta can be found here.

There are two other files which should be of your interest if you are thinking about doing Module 3 ELTM option:

Delta Module 3 spec sheet

Cambridge Delta Module 3 reading list

  • International House London ELT Management Courses

International House management courses are quite very well-known. IH London runs a Certificate in ELTM and a Diploma which follows the Certificate in syllabus:

The Certificate lasts 30 weeks and is run online:

IH London Certificate in Educational Management

The Diploma lasts 50 weeks and has a face-to-face component as well:

IH London Diploma in Educational Management

  •  International House World Organisation Certificate in Educational Management

International House has an Online Training Centre and they run various courses. This is a part of the International House World Organisation:

International House Online Training Centre

They have a Certificate of Director of Studies Skills (DoS Certificate) and all IH School directors, DOS’s and ADOS’s have to complete this course. IH schools recognise this as their professional requirement while recruiting people at management levels. The course takes roughly 16 weeks and is done totally online. It covers the same topics as the Cert. in Educational Management run by IH London and will broaden your management horizons.

  • IDLTM (International Diploma in Language Teaching Management)

IDLTM is a diploma level qualification which is widely and internationally recognised and well-known. This is usually considered as a professional development step for those who have done a Cambridge Delta with the management specialism and would like to get more into management details. It’s actually a programme run by three organisations:

Cambridge English Language and Assessment

SIT Graduate Institute

the Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education, The University of Queensland

Therefore, the diploma will practically be well-recognised in the UK, USA and Australia, at least! The course has two main components, a 2-week intensive face-to-face component and a 6-month online one.

The following documents will provide you with more information:

IDLTM reading list

IDLTM syllabus

IDLTM University of Queensland SIT

Graduate Institute

Notice on Cambridge English Language Assessment website- Changes from June 2016:

“As part of our regular review of the assessment services which we provide, we have decided that from June 2016 we will no longer be involved in IDLTM. We are giving extensive notice of this change so that you won’t be affected if you’ve already started a preparation course.”

  • Trinity College DELTM

Trinity College has a similar diploma level qualification which is called the DELTM (Diploma in English Language Management) which is, like all other Trinity College qualifications, internationally recognised:

English UK DELTM

Which ELT Management course are you planning to take in 2015? 


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