Turn your reading text into a published newspaper article

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 15.33.10

Internet seems to have several solutions for all our problems! I’m not a ‘solutionist’ but at least for our ELT life, technology has a lot to offer.

Have you ever wanted to make your reading text look like a published newspaper article to attract more attention? Or are you planning to claim that the text your students are reading was published in a newspaper in the 1970s to motivate them to stay focused?

Internet gives you all it takes to ‘fake’ such things and my favourite websites to do so are:

Write anything you need and click on ‘generate’! Done!

Need more? How about faking iPhone text messages to provide your learners with the context line in a writing test?

But don’t forget to tell everyone at the end of the lesson that the stories have been fake. Learners sometimes believe what they see because they trust their teachers more than anyone else!


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