The KASA in Language Teaching Organisations

LTO managers, like many other fields, are recruited from among teachers who have been in the profession for quite a long period of time. These people are not necessarily familiar with management concepts and there might be a couple of questions which need to be answered in this regard:

  • How easy is it for them to make this transition?
  • What competencies do they already have?
  • How can they go about developing these competencies once they have settled in the office?
  • Are they really ready?!

As Ron While mentions in his book ‘From Teacher to Manager’ (White, 2008) the KASA (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Awareness) framework (Freeman, 1989) provides a useful basis for teachers to analyse and answer these questions.

  • Knowledge: Knowing about
    • ‘What information do I need to manage this LTO successfully?’
  • Skills: Knowing how
    • ‘What skills do I already have that I need to adapt, and which skills do I need to acquire?’
  • Attitudes: Knowing why
    • ‘Why do people behave the way they do?’
  • Awareness: Knowing oneself
    • ‘What am I bringing to this role?’

Going through the KASA framework is a very simple but productive step for everyone new in ELT management and it will give a newly-appointed ELT manager a clear understanding of what the job actually means and what they have to offer to people in their new post.

How aware were you of the KASA framework the first time you have been asked to manage a group of teachers?

Attachment: White R., Hockley A., ‘From Teacher to Manager’, Cambridge University Press, 2008- Page 23

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